Poker Heroes

Poker Heroes

An Introduction to the World of Poker Heroes

During all of men's history the true heroes were the ones who took heavy risks and managed to put faith in the hearts of people when time were low and dark. Nowadays heroes can be found in surprising places, when one of these places can be found in the card games' world – Poker. Though it may sound surprising to hear but there are poker players that are considered as heroes among poker fans and players. Poker heroes reach their status after many years of competing and practicing their skill all over the world.

One of the most famous poker heroes is Chris Moneymaker, and that's his real name. Chris is one of the few who made a dream come true – winning the luxuries competition: The World Series of Poker (WSOP).

What makes Chris Moneymaker into a real hero is the way he did and the person he is. He isn't one of those staled poker players who sit at smoke-filled garages for years, no, Chris Moneymaker is a regular body who happens to like poker.

Chris Moneymaker has a Masters degree in accounting from the University of Tennessee, a wife and two children and only because of a movie he eventually rose to be the winning star of the WSOP 2003, when he won $2.5 million. But it's not the money that made him a star; it was the way he did it, when he battled on and on till he reached the final table at Binion’s Horseshoe Casino in 2003. That's why Chris Moneymaker and other poker stars are genuine heroes; they made a dream which exists in many people's mind into reality.
Get answers to frequently asked questions about online video poker. Learn how to much a bankroll to get, which games to play and why max bets pay off.

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Online Poker Tips and Strategies

Thursday, January 27 , 2011

When playing online poker, it is important that you know the basic rules of the game. Knowing some tips and startegies may help you increase your chances of winning.

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Why You Should Invest in Online Poker

Thursday, January 27 , 2011

Online poker is a great venue for earning big money. Because poker has no house edge and has a stable terrain, it is a really good prospect for investment.

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Video Poker FAQ

Wednesday, May 14 , 2008

Get answers to frequently asked questions about video poker. Learn how to much a bankroll to get, which games to play and why max bets pay off.

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Poker Tactics: Playing the Draw

Wednesday, April 02 , 2008

A proper comprehension of the key concepts necessary for making the proper draws in Poker is something that will give you the edge in any table. Through its application, you will be able to not just win the pot, but also avoid making any mistakes that can hurt your Poker bank roll.

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